Tanssille in English – FEES


Fees are paid directly to the TANSSILLE bank account: DABAFIHH FI90 8000 1270 8220 43.



For the new members and the members whom wish to rejoin the organization.


MEMBERSHIP FEE 25€/ year. Use reference number 1012

Annual membership fee to all members. To be paid at the beginning of each calendar year.


TRAINING FEE 90€/ season. Use reference number 5018

Allows you to take part in all of the classes for the entire season.


VISITOR FEE 15€/class or 50€/week. Use reference code 6059

Visitors who wish to take part in the classes must have a referee from the organization. Single class can also be paid directly to the teacher. Please bring exact amount of cash for the class. The teachers do not have a cash register for change.

Questions regarding fees please contact our secretary at: info(at)tanssille.net