Tanssille Baletti / Davinia Fernandez
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Baletti / Davinia Fernandez

helmikuu 27 @ 10:00 - 11:30

The classes are aimed at training the distribution and transfer of weight, squareness, alignment, aplumb and balance insisting very much in having an adequate work of the back muscles. The classes will be focus on making professional students identify body compensations that produce misalignment and prevent possible injuries and in understanding the work of the muscles of the torso for working as a unit to facilitate the independence of arms, legs and head as a fundamental basis for maximum freedom of movement. The exercises will be dynamic without being complex to memorize but based on the musical accentuation to maintain a good muscular work.
I studied in the Royal Conservatory of Madrid (Spain) with Julia Estevez and Virginia Valero, as in the schools of Maria de Avila, Marta de la Vega and Duque with many other renowned teachers in the artistic scene such as Lola de Avila, Angela Santos, Aurora Bosh among others. As a teacher I am obsessed with the technique and functioning of the muscles of the body but never forgetting musicality and movement.

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helmikuu 27
10:00 - 11:30