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Nykytanssi / Vincent Jonsson

helmikuu 7 @ 10:00 - 11:30

Class description:
Vincent Jonssons teaching has a focus on functionality of movement that strives to improve the dancers efficient use and transferring of energy in dancing. It is based on my own artistic and movement research. We will work on moving around and through ourselves, we will travel through the space, both in the vertical and horizontal plane, using jumps, runs, turns and slides. One term to describe the class is floor-work, but we will also work with principles that can be applied in relation to a partner. The class is energetic and deals with tools from both contemporary dancing, martial arts and other related movement practices.

Vincent Jonsson is a Swedish dancer, creator and teacher based in Danmark and Sweden. He is a graduate from the Dance and Choreography program at The Danish National School Of Performing Arts. It is important for him to both create, perform and teach because he believes these different ways of working with dance inform each other and they have an equal importance in his work. He is inspired by and studied with: Matan Levkowich, Shai Faran, David Zambrano, amongst others.

He has performed in pieces made by: Liz Kinoshita, Marina Abramović, Cyril Baldy & Tilman O’Donnell, Lea Anderson, amongst others. So far, he has taught and presented his own work in Denmark, Sweden, England, Spain, Finland and Germany.

More info on: vincentjonsson.com

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helmikuu 7
10:00 - 11:30